Strong Finishes and Fresh Starts

It has been a great year. There is much on which to reflect, both good and otherwise. While the changing of one digit to another on the calendar is no major accomplishment in and of itself, it has and continues to be a cultural phenomenon that promotes reflection, identifies with fresh starts and new beginnings. I love that. 

As I did last new years eve, I've listed the most viewed posts of 2016. But first, I wanted to let you in on what has been happening. I have not posted much in the past few months, and I doubt that my frequency will increase in the near future. The blog is not going anywhere, but I am.

Having begun seminary, it has demanded my undivided attention. For those who may be inquisitive, my focus is on biblical studies, not in pastoral ministry of an official capacity as often equated with seminary attendance. Between school, taking care of my family, my obligations around my house and those people in my life (who I am grateful to call "friends,"), I have little time to devote to other cyber activities. 

This will not be permanent, and as projects present themselves as capable of being quickly turned into posts - which I think you will enjoy - I won't hesitate to share them. I appreciate your readership and interest in this blog, so stay tuned; "patience, patience my love," as Gollum said to himself.

Here then are the most popular posts of 2016:

I'll leave you with this benediction:

This year may truth be a stranger you meet on the road, welcome into your home and with whom you form strong bonds of affection. 

May you subsequently seek out her travel companions, wisdom, prudence and meekness until you have thoroughly exhausted yourself in doing so. 

May the love of God flow from your lips and fill your heart, spilling over into the lives of others. 

May your heart groan over the abominations and injustices done in the earth, while your hands rise to defeat the chaos and meet needs of our world in God’s Name. 

May your mouth be slow to speak, creating good not causing evil. 

May your ears be open, quick to listen and not for that which feeds their own desires. 

Let the words of your mouth and the deepest desires of your heart be pleasing to your God. 

May you follow rabbi Jesus so closely that the dust from his sandals clings to you as an ornament from your head to your feet, revealing your desire and passion to walk in his steps.

Wishing you and all your loved ones a wonderful year ahead.

- Shaun

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