The danger any passionate student of Scripture must guard himself against is of being more in love with the story than with its author. Now one may ask how the story could be loved apart from its author, and to this I would not entirely object. To properly
understand the story, one must first know its author, however, to know the author, one must also know the story. But regardless, scholasticism in all of its forms (theology, language exposition, ect.) is a very good and tremendously powerful tool, but placing this pursuit on a higher pedestal than that of an intimate relationship with the God of Hosts is a poor and bitter substitute which inevitably will lead to our undoing. Knowing “about” God is not the same as “knowing” Him in intimacy. If mere academics or even belief were the credentials to relationship with our Father in Heaven, the Devil would have us all beat. “You believe that "God is one"? Good for you! The demons believe it too- the thought makes them shudder with fear!” Jam 2:19

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