en touto nika, In this Sign...

John MacArthur said, “It should be an absolute in the church that you have a highly defined doctrinal statement” (Strange Fire Conference, 10/18/13). What he really means (when used with multitudes of his other declarations) is, in order to escape the eternal dungeons of Hell, which of course will be inhabited by the countless millions who participate in the “cultist and heretical” practice of “strange fire”, all must adhere to his "God anointed MacArthuristic" doctrine, or perhaps a statement that he and his constituents would approve as not disavowing nor compromising a major point of the "saving faith". Really, it is only the “reformed leaders who know the Word of God”? What limits his “spiritual terrorists” merely to the “strange fire” Charismatics, why stop there? Those who carry the chi-rho may as well grab their tar,
feathers, torches and pitch forks and cleanse the whole of American religion, or for that matter, the world and all else that does not fit their definition; “Liberate the Faith from the infidel!” Does God really feel the same way toward these people as JM does? Do the followers of God have nothing better to do than blast or denounce each another all the time? What happened to disciples being known for their love? Instead, we too often resemble the descriptions of the Church of Ephesus. I am glad they do not have authority from the State (as of yet) to burn at the stake (or at least behead) because there would almost certainly be “strange fire” rising from the land.

 "If reformed leaders who know the Word of God don't police this movement, the spiritual terrorists will dominate." JM at the Strange Fire Conference 10/18/13
"The working of signs and wonders was never meant to be part of the ongoing missionary strategy of the church." -Phil Johnson (MacArthur follower, speaker at the Strange Fire Conference).
“Following the leading of the Holy Spirit can present us with a dilemma. While He never contradicts His word, He is very comfortable contradicting our understanding of it. Those who feel safe because of their intellectual grasp of scriptures enjoy a false sense of security. The Holy Spirit will always lead us into truth. But to follow Him, we must be willing to go off the map. To go beyond what we know.” - Bill Johnson (Charismatic leader).

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