Orthodox versus Heterodox

Orthodox means “straight thinking” in opposition to heterodox which means “thinking otherwise”. It is completely based on user context as to define what “straight” is. In light of the Messiah, “straight thinking” or orthodox thinking of his day was not always the thinking of Jesus. For instance when Jesus said that he (the messiah) must suffer, his talmid (disciple) Peter said, “not so, this will never happen to you”. Jesus rebuked Peter’s orthodox view, and showed an “otherwise” reality (the messiah would suffer, as Paul even later stated). There are other examples of Messiah countering the cultural perception of his message and person. Places such as, “you have heard it said…but I tell you…” Today’s “orthodoxy” has been defined by church tradition, councils and creeds more so than actual scripture. What became “straight” was determined in meetings of the Bishops over the course of many years and votes. Even today, we eisegete more into our understanding and interpretation of scripture than most realize. We have certain doctrine, so we go into the passage with those glasses on. My “thinking” is constantly changing from what the Christian culture deems as “straight” to “otherwise”. This has occurred by renewing my mind. People are starting to wake up to the “historical” Yeshua that has been buried under the traditional “orthodox” Jesus.

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