Not of this world

An insatiable desire in pursuit of materialistic gain will - after a lifetime of misery and self indulgence - lead to an end of bitterness and regret. There is not much that is more saddening to me than to see parent's materialistic tenancies passed on to their children. With each generation, the materialistic appetites and practices grow stronger and more refined. The hold seems to tighten, and the results are financial slavery and family hardships. Leo Tolstoy said, 

“Money is a new form of slavery, which differs form the old only in being impersonal, and in freeing people from all the human relations of the slave.” 

There is so much more in this life than trying to acquire that which is always just beyond our fingertips, that which we know would be the only thing that could possibly ever make us happy. It is the proverbial “cat with the yarn” or the carrot in front of the horse that never stops. We are chasing illusions. 

Those who are of this world have no hope within, or anything else to live for than the pleasures and delicacies "vanity fair" has to offer. But those who claim to walk with the Father of Light and are guided by his spirit, come on! stop playing games. Leave your desire to acquire all the things that distract you and follow the Master. It's all going to be stripped from your tight grasp eventually. Let it go now willingly and invest in true riches. Ask yourself, 

"what is truly important and where are my energies going?"

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