When did “salvation” become a decision?

Modern Christianity as a whole does not see the political ramifications of what salvation means/meant. We instead see it as a “spiritual status”, (i.e. “are you saved”). Whereas "salvation" as defined by the scriptures, means to be “saved from something”. What is it we are “saved from”? We have to answer that it is the wrath of God from which we are saved, which will be poured out in it’s time at the “end of the age”. So we are “saved” from a day yet unseen. It is very much akin to the exodus from Egypt. The Hebrews were not “saved” until the death angel “passed over them”, but they were “marked for salvation” when they believed and then naturally acted in obedience (which is a byproduct of belief). Today salvation has been reduced to “a decision for Jesus” and I find it very shallow and unsound from a scriptural standpoint. Here is an interesting article along these same lines: http://sdrv.ms/Ud3o3R

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