I find myself longing for another place that is not yet home, and for a time that is not yet mine. 
To hear me say the time that I have now, and the place I call my home is not so good 
would mean you have clearly misunderstood.
 But with all the madness in this world, chaos and injustice, 
there is within me an instinct that calls out for shalom. 
That is not to say I am living without shalom now, for I am not. 
I long for the restoration of this world, where justice will be the order of the day. 
Our King will rule in righteousness, and under our rods of iron, the nations will obey. 
This theme is very predominant in literature and Holy Writ. 
The earth will be renewed, what was lost again restored, and the One anointed, 
through whom all takes place in Jerusalem shall sit.

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