Eastern Truth

The Bible was written by easterners, and in the context of the eastern world. When we read the text, in the Greek or western way (which prefers data or info in abstract idea or definition and present it to be examined, and then decide if its true) we are attempting to take an eastern truth (concrete picture or story language), and describe it in an abstract way. In doing so have taken a step away from the original context. An easterner with their concrete pictures wants to deal with relationship, how do you experience God? A westerner with our love of information wants to know about God. Its not about knowledge. The Devil knows all this stuff better than any of us. When was the last time you had a relationship with "omnipotent" or "omniscient" or even "holy"? We can however relate to the images of a rock, living water, fortress, stronghold, high tower, shade, bread, eagles wings. These are pictures that speak to us in a way that ideas or concepts cannot. The Hebrew says abba, (daddy). Know Him first, and then know about Him.

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