Update: I'll be back

I apologize for my absence in posting, I am having an incredibly busy month and have had little time to crank out the blog posts I have ready to write and publish. I will be back before too long.

Here are a couple resources you may want to check out.

Dale Tuggy from Trinites.org podcast interviewed J.R. Daniel Kirk on his recent published work "A Man Attested by God" (which I have still not finished). This is a fantastic two part interview (One, Two).

Kirk was also interviewed by Sir Anthony Buzzard, followed by audience questions (including one from yours truly). Link here.

Sean Finnegan from Restitutio podcast, recently interviewed Dale Tuggy regarding his personal journey of faith and seeking God. A wonderful conversation and listen. Link Here.

On Saturday, October 29, 2016 Sir Anthony Buzzard will host a conversation with Larry Hurtado. This will be an interesting conversation I'm sure. This will be done via a Zoom webinar: https://zoom.us/j/482504231

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