Are Christians Like Their Christ?

Christians who claim to be followers of Jesus are frequently heard belting phrases like 

"I want to be like Jesus more than anything else." 

Unfortunately, the track record for Christendom as a whole speaks for itself and is found to be far from exemplifying this. While many Christians pontificate their genuineness and faith, the real declaration being communicated is seen and heard when others are treated with contempt, spite and ostracism due to ethnicity, religion, doctrine, politics or sexuality etc.  

Those who bear the title "Christian" on their lapels, yet flagrantly act in this manner toward fellow humanity reveal themselves to be liars beyond the pale. It is they who drag the name of "Christ" through the mud and cause the mention of "Christian" to be abhorred among the nations. Perhaps Gandhi nailed it perfectly when remarking, 

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

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Dawn McLaughlin83 said...

Hi Shaun,
I was thinking about this recently. We have been asked to many different churches out here in Missouri. We have gone to none. Folks mean well but it is a competition to see which church can "get" you and then once you go to one, there are always others seeking to recruit (pontificating their unique values) you to yet another church.

Its kinda crazy to me. Aren't we all to serve one God? Isn't how we live the most important aspect of the whole idea of following God? I can't really see that it matters to God which church building you go to if any. After all, does He not look into the heart and see who you really are?

I agree with your quotation of Ghandi above more and more.