The Window on the West

Could this ever happen here, to America? Has this happened to America, or is this happening in America? Is this inevitably going to happen to America? If so, is this true for Church polity, the state or do I just repeat myself? What I am most adamant about is the separation of Church and hate. By caring more for the past than the present, we repeat the mistake of the past by damaging the future.

" was Gondor that brought about its own decay, falling by degrees into dotage, and thinking that the Enemy was asleep, who was only banished not destroyed. 'Death was ever they had in their old kingdom, and so lost it, hungered after endless life unchanging. Kings made tombs more splendid than houses of the living and counted old names in the rolls of their descent dearer than the names of sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls musing on heraldry; in secret chambers withered men compounded strong elixirs, or in high cold towers asked questions of the stars." - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, IV, V, 322.

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Dawn McLaughlin83 said...

Ha! People don't even understand this idea let alone see that they participate in it! History is rewritten by the victors and the sheeple, content to be led along, do not search out the true history themselves and so are doomed to repeat it. Indeed, America is fading away into what, only God knows but it will be forever changed. Change is an imminent thing but it can be controlled to some degree. The many have chosen to let the few lead and we will reap the results good and bad.

So many subtle messages contained with The Lord of the Rings that few will have the vision to see. Thanks for posting this one!