Messianics, Scripture and the Trinity

Here is a great article by Paul Sumner from Hebrew Streams on the inner workings of the doctrine of the Trinity. He makes some crucial observations:

"...the lack of resonance with the Trinity Model among many Western Christians is because they can't "find" it when they read the Bible. It isn't native to the Jewish, Semitic, Hebrew Scriptures — or to the Judaic New Testament. It breathes another mind, from outside."

"Theologians tell us the Doctrine is unfathomable. But their oft-used expression "the mystery of the Trinity" wasn't coined by slow-witted Galilean fishermen or earth-bound shepherds in the hills above Bethlehem or bemused shopkeepers in ancient Jerusalem. It was coined by theologians themselves who speculated about the Godhead and literally didn't understand what they and their colleagues had concocted. Yet they were very sure everyone had to say they believe in the unfathomable doctrine."

"Eventually, you will hear an intimidating — but faux — argument: 'Dear brother, so you think 2,000 years of Christian history have been wrong? And you know better than all the great spiritual leaders of the Church?' That's a piercing but irrelevant and inquisitorial taunt. In response, it's fair to ask whether theologically pristine leaders of the Church were doing God's will when they dethroned Jesus as "the one Mediator between God and men" (1 Tim 2:5) and enthroned Mary in his place, and repeatedly preached Jew-hate and incited violence and mass murder against the Jewish people. Did their orthodox doctrine of the Godhead prevent them from descending into apostasy and blasphemy?"

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