Stand-up for the Bible - "Second Corinthians"!

In case you missed it, social media and other sources are bubbling with Christian responses to Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump regarding his recent speech at Liberty University. In his reference to Paul's second letter to the Corinthians, he said "two Corinthians" rather than the more familiar (at least to American Christians) "second Corinthians."

Americans love to be opinionated and raise issues with anything apparently. Many academic theological works by scholars such as N.T. Wright use "two Corinthians" (meaning "2 Corinthians") rather than "second Corinthians" on a regular basis. So perhaps if more time was invested reading (or listening) to theological works by Europeans and less time watching presidential nominees, these great difficulties threatening the vitality of true Christianity would be resolved (that was a joke btw).

James McGrath covered it well on his blog here and here.

"how did you learn to refer to the letters as letters, and multiple letters to the same destination by ordinal rather than cardinal numbers?"

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