Who are the Traditionalists?

Jesus has been interpreted in many different ways in many different times. It is obvious that man is prone to creating a god in our own image. Jesus takes on the image of the culture in which he is interpreted.

“Fundamentalists claim to be returning to an original Christianity based on biblical texts, seemingly unaware that as early as the third century, Christian scholars such as Origen were arguing that the scriptures, at a time when the New Testament was still not in its final form, needed to be interpreted allegorically rather than literally. Who are the traditionalists here? The gospels have been interpreted to provide a Jesus for any occasion.”[1] 

This Jesus is not the “anointed one” of the pages of Scripture.

For more on this topic check out my friend and fellow blogger Dr. Dustin Smith's new book The Son of God at Wipf and Stock Publishers, with the foreword by Dr. James McGrath.

Dr. Dale Tuggy of Trinities.org is doing a series of podcasts pertaining to this new book, the first of which he interviews contributor Dr. Charles Lee Irons. Look for the rest of the interviews in the following weeks.

[1] Charles Freeman, A.D. 381 Heretics, Pagans, of the Monotheistic State (Overlook Press, 2008), xiv.

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