The Word of God to...

It should give reason for pause and reflection that the Bible never refers to itself as the “Word of God" as many moderns are accustomed. The OT is known as the Scriptures, among other titles. Scriptures are writings held sacred by a group, and therefore if one is taking the NT seriously, it falls into this category, as the Word of God is recorded to have been given to individuals in it. Not least of which is the promised "prophet like Moses" which Deut. 18 details,

"I [Yahweh] will put my [Yahweh] words in his [prophets] mouth, and he [prophet] shall speak to them [people, Israel, whoever] all that I [Yahweh] command him [prophet]. And whoever will not listen to my [Yahweh] words that he [prophet] shall speak in my [Yahweh] name, I [Yahweh] myself will require it of him [whoever]."

The Word of God - that which God speaks - is recorded in the Scriptures as coming to many individuals in various times and places, e.g. the “Word of God” that came to Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel etc. That Word (davar, instruction, speech, statement, pronouncement) has been

“handed down through angels and a mediator” Gal. 3:16 (think Sinai).

The word angel comes from the Hebrew, malak, meaning messenger. According to the writer of Hebrews,

“in these last days, He has spoken to us by His Son” Heb. 1:2.

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