Question an Answer to Answer a Question

Can questioning answers lead to answers of questions? 
Some answers raise questions, some questions give answers. 

If answering questions is all that you do, 
I have a really good question for you. 

If you’ve never questioned an answer that’s always been there, 
are you fit as an answer giver, unbiased and fair? 

If a question is good and the answer is true, 
then the question has answered a riddle for you. 

If the question is good but the answer unsound, 
Make a quest for the answer until the truth has been found. 

If the question is wrong, and you may just not know, 
It's all part of life, how we learn, mature and we grow. 

So question the answers you always have heard, 
no matter how eloquent, official or absurd. 

For some of the things you probably were taught,
Turned out to be false when better answers were sought.

The one who searches out truth from the fable,
has only to question an answer and he’s able. 

For every false answer will eventually fall apart,
when the seekers of answers make their questioning start.

It doesn't take long for a whole kingdom to fall,
When good men question nothing, nothing at all.

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