An App Blog Readers Will Love

For those of you like myself who read, and read lots of blogs, I have something to share with you. In the past, I have done my blog reading on my laptop and attempted to keep up by checking back to my favorites on a continual basis. This proved to be less than effective.

I now use an iPad for such reading. And while I am old fashioned and prefer an actual book for my normal reading activity, this of course is not an option for reading blogs (lol). I began using the @ feature in Safari on my iPad, but for some reason, there were some url's that continually failed to update (grrrr). So it was met with great rejoicing when I found Blogshelf ii.

Example from iTunes App Store
Example from iTunes App Store

This free app is fantastic. It keeps all of your blogs updated within it and removes ad chaos from relevant blogs as well. It also allows you to keep track of a favorite post and even share it on social media should you be so inclined.

The design is clean and simple, while working flawlessly. It has multiple options for customization according to your viewing pleasure and has adjustments for the fonts within a post according to your vision's needs, in a similar manner to the Kindle and iBooks readers.

I highly recommend it. It has made my blog reading much more efficient and effective.

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