Skip Moen on the Trinity

Dr. Skip Moen has written over the course of the past few years concerning the Trinity on his daily blog, Today's Word. He writes clearly and understandably for those not acquainted with much of the theological terminology that often accompanies this subject. Here is a compilation I have made of these writings in a PDF available to download (for e-readers etc.).

The Trinity: First Considerations

The Trinity: Delegation

The Trinity: Who Knows?

The Trinity: I AM

The Trinity: Goodness Gracious 

The Trinity: Pointing the Way

The Trinity: Affiliation

The Trinity: Who decides?

The Trinity: Boundary Conditions

Spirit Confusion

Who is He?

A Personal Sadness

Theological Self-Contradiction

More and Less

The Test of Glory


The Assumed Trinity: A look at Philippians 2:6

Reading the Right Text

Fair Warning


Whom or Him?


Whose Kingdom?

Theological Punctuation

The Continuing Saga


David Russell said...

My name is David Russell, I also have a blog at this space, but want to thank you for posting Dr. Moen's blogs on the Trinity in a succinct fashion here.
I too have subscribed to his daily email for several months and have found them quite instructive as one who relies on outside sources for Greek or Hebrew interpretation. For me, the jury is still out - concerning doctrine of the Trinity - but am astounded that in general, most clergy figuratively turn their head when confronted with "another perspective."
Observation: We may practice more civil means today to deal with the "exile" but the results "ignore-to-eradicate" are seeming the same. Thank you.
David Russell

S. Edwin Rufener said...

Hi David,
Thank you for your comment. The doctrine of the Trinity, for some, is a central tenant of Christianity. This however, is foreign to the image portrayed in the New Testament. To be good students of the text, we must be hermeneutically consistent and not force later categories and concepts into the text. I think your observations are correct. There are many in leadership positions (not all) who are unable to consider any alternative options and opinions because, as gatekeeps to the faith which they were handed, it is their duty to maintain the orthodoxy, and the "church," in this way of thinking, has already decided what the "truth" is in these matters. Keep digging. You may also want to check out the website and podcast of a friend of mine whose life mission is to investigating and dialoguing around this topic. Dr. Dale Tuggy at He has actually just released a book on the subject. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me; my info is on the blog.
All the Best,