Trinities Podcast- John Locke Series, self described as a forum for discussing Theories about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has a few contributors, but Dr. Dale Tuggy is the most frequent, and hosts the Trinities podcast. I frequently tune in, especially when a riveting title is published and pertains to a subject I have put forth effort investigating (and/or when hours of open road are before me). 

Dr. Tuggy is a PhD in Philosophy from Brown University, and currently teaches philosophy and religious studies at SUNY Fredonia in NY. I have personally met Dr. Tuggy, and am a fan. He treats his investigations and inquiries with integrity, balance and is not afraid to play the "devil's advocate."  

The reason for the current post is to provide links to a four part podcast Dr. Tuggy did on John Locke. I thought it was well done and informative for anyone interested in Locke/Edwards.

This series is extremely relevant as well due to its discussion of the question often asked in protestantism today, "what must one do to be saved"? Is understanding or belief in a tri-person(al) God a prerequisite for salvation? If so, is this what the apostles taught (NT teaches)? If not, why is it among the fundamentals for some and not others? What should be the standard, and from whence should it be derived?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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