"The Bible Is Not the Origin of Faith" series by Derek Leman

Here are some thoughts well worth consideration. What should be our relationship to the Bible? Has traditionalism fostered an unhealthy perspective that the original authors and even God does not condone? Do we have a relationship with a book, or the God with whom writers of the book relay personal experience? The "word of God" is no doubt is a prerequisite, but perhaps we've gotten the "word of God" confused with the "Bible" or the "Scriptures". They are not synonymous terms, although the Scriptures do contain words spoken by God to his servants. Abraham had faith, heard God's words, believed and acted upon God's words, but had no Bible. I have seen the modern view of inerrancy shatter too many people's faith, because it's a wrongly based faith. Dr. Craig Evans put it: 
In reading some of the more radical books on Jesus, I find that a loss of confidence in the historical reliability of the New Testament Gospels is often occasioned by misplaced faith and misguided suspicions. By misplaced faith I mean placing one's faith in the wrong thing, such as believing that the Scriptures must be inerrant according to rather strict idiosyncratic standards and that we must be able to harmonize the four Gospels. If our faith depends on these ideas, especially in rigid terms, and scholarly study may well lead to a collapse of faith. Craig Evans, Fabricating Jesus, How Modern Scholars Distort the Gospels.
Below are the links to three articles by author and Rabbi Derek Leman.

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