Many perhaps well meaning Christians proclaim that judgment is coming. Some mean this to fall upon the ears of all they would consider to be wicked, pagan or heathen. In one regard I would not totally disagree with this. I too believe that the scriptures speak of coming judgment upon all who will not live in obedience to the standards God has decreed. However, I often see the banter of “judgment is coming” used as a hammer to condemn all who do not walk the line as the “self proclaimed prophet” envisions.
There can be no doubt that God will judge the world in righteousness through the man he has appointed for the task, as Paul told the Stoic Athenian philosophers (Acts 17), and I look forward to the day when righteousness is the rule of law. I look forward to the time when all the injustices wrought upon the masses will be finally overturned. Such a day is indeed coming, but there are a few things that need to be recognized.
First, justice and righteousness by human definition and God’s definition can vary greatly. While many Christians get caught up in calling for judgment and justice upon all who do wickedly from the one side of their mouth, they may sometimes need to be reminded that if God were to render perfect justice from our own definition, we should also perish in the guilt of our own actions. This brings me to my second observation.
The Messiah while on this earth exhibited mercy, patience and compassion even to the scum of the earth, who (in human prose) needed to be “judged”. Judgment is not always about “damnation” as one may be accustomed to thinking. Judgment with justice mingled with mercy is God’s way. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would not be comfortable saying that justice from my spectrum would be all that just.  
Third, we are instructed to walk as the messiah walked, habitually living as he did, exemplifying the actions that radiated from his life. This does not include going around condemning people. This does not mean pointing fingers at those who we may feel deserve to be... “whatever”. We are to be patterning our lives after his ministry, not after the glorious return and subsequent judgment that we so long to see. Yes, we look forward to the day when it shall come, but it is not yet, and until that day, we are to be extending our hand in mercy and compassion to those who may not deserve it. As much as some Christians feel it has, judgment has not yet been handed to you or me. There will be judgment, but it is not yet.
Lastly, like the prophets of old, God may choose to raise-up voices as a warning cry to the darkness, He has done this regularly in the past, and I am of the opinion He will do so again. He has always given sufficient warning as to what He intends to bring upon the earth. But this can only be done at the direct command and words which come from God Himself and not some self-appointed, false prophet who desires to see political, societal or religious revolution from his own hand.
Be the change you desire to see in your world. How far do you go out of your way to help, hearten or bring healing into someone else's chaos? Let God judge in His own time, follow Messiah’s example of love, start at home.

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