Loving God and Others; Lost in the Matrix

As people who live in a post modern society, we are very prone towards taking many things for granted. Unfortunately, some of the worst results of this practice surface suddenly when someone we love is taken. We are forced upon the realization as to how little we demonstrated true feelings. Or perhaps, our actions or negligence of  the past years spoke that we didn’t care all that much. Why do we (in general) have to come to our senses in an after-shock? Tell the people with whom you are closest how much they mean to you. Say you’re sorry, and not by texting it. Go out of your way to make someone’s day. Put down your pod, phone, magazine or book, shut your screen and come back into the real world. Consider and choose your words closely, as if they were the last you should ever communicate to that individual; someday they will be. Examine the choices of time you make, and the end result of those choices. Re-evaluate the meaning and the purpose of life, what will matter most when we reach a “good old age”? What will we regret; think about it and adjust your course now which will save agonizing years later. In our culture, our adversary has made it way too easy for us to get lost in the matrix of Hellenistic individualism through technology, entertainment and other sub-cultural aspects of contemporary living. God first, others second; let’s not continue contributing to the perpetuation of a trend which has hastened the destruction of familial and other human relationships. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

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