Is pillaging the earth a good thing?

To truly love God's good creation as He intended it, we must (as logic dictates) despise all that threatens and destroys it. At the risk of being hypocritical, where does that leave us with technology? Has the industrial revolution (the "engine" behind technology) been a beneficial thing for this good world? Professor J.R.R Tolkien frequently commented that the internal combustion engine was the greatest evil to ever be visited upon modern man. What did he mean in saying that? (Basically, he was not enamored with technology). He was discouraged with the reckless treatment and destruction of nature in pursuit of greedy gain (in its various forms). Did Prof. Tolkien have cause for concern? This belief and
strong conviction is reflected profoundly in his writings. The LOTR trilogy cannot be read (or watched) without coming to the realization that Tolkien's perspective of the destruction of nature for political and other forces was intricately connected to dark powers being work. Have we been good stewards of this marvelous earth? If your answer is yes, try again, but first open your eyes. Should it concern us that these things are not issues for most "followers" of God? The answer may not be as simple as it may sometimes seem. I am not advocating purchasing a "green" vehicle or hugging a tree. The green movement is about control and money, not about changing the habits of the planetary use or its restoration. Cities are still expanding at astounding rates. For us, it is as much about worldview as it is anything. We, who are supposed to be different, have adopted the paradigm that has been dictated to our generations for the treatment of all that is the Lord's. Does God "still" care for the earth? Should these atrocities happening before our eyes not cause us to be saddened? How will the Messiah handle such realities upon his return and subsequent rod of iron rule; "...the time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth" Rev 11.

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