Christianity likes to take very dogmatic positions on certain issues it envisions the Scripture to say or not say. The more I study, the more it reinforces the fact that Christianity does not know well the book from which it claims to derive its authority and foundation. Christians are all but Scripturally illiterate. They know what they are “told” to believe about certain dogma or doctrine, but they (for the most part) know not from whence it comes. The defining line then becomes “what is to be done about it”? Some strongly demand that nothing should be done, that all is fine. Others suggest a climate shift in the “breeze” of modern theology to appease those sick of the “stuffiness” found in the present form of Christian religion. There can be no true remediation until we get serious about abandoning the ideologies of man and the coals of bias that have been tenaciously stoked for ages gone by. Unless we humble ourselves enough to let go of our “pet” dogma and plead with God to ignite within us a desire to passionately pursue His precious truth we are merely “playing” with fire.

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