Just because the best and brightest minds cannot rationalize the “unboxed” things of God, does not make them any less true. Inevitably, for this reason, doctrines and systematic type theologies have taken the dominant position over relationship. Our intelligence and scholastic achievements have become our gods. If we cannot understand it, then it must not be true. In this type of thinking, we are limiting God’s entire being to what man can understand. This is a complete absurdity. We have been taught (at least in our culture) to approach God from an academic angle and we equate “knowing about Him” with “knowing Him.”  By making the things of God merely intellectual, we negate the Spirit of the Father, and His function as the Teacher and Guide. So understandably, without the Spirit we can devise nothing more than doctrines of men. It's certain that we are "mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God" Matt 22:23-33

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