This piece I would like to share it with you was written by my father.


Loren Rufener 

I need to find out how to unsubscribe from something. With most subscriptions on my e-mail there is a place at the bottom where I can accomplish this. If one has taken a membership in a club, there is a way to have it removed, sometimes even removing you against your wishes! But in my case and many others, I am not sure how to accomplish this.

I would like to unsubscribe from Christian orthodoxy. I realize that somewhere, sometime, somehow I did sign up, but that was long ago. Since then, I have been long absent from her meetings, have not paid her dues, and I think it is past time to have my name removed from her roster.

Now, there are some club members who cannot understand my leaving such a great club, being sincere and truly loving it. I understand, as I was once there myself. Although I am aging, my vision has strangely grown much clearer. It is not that my vision is perfect, but at one time there were many walls obstructing my view. These have since been dismantled and more light is shining in now, allowing me to see a bigger, fuller picture. I can hardly wait to see what the view will be like as more walls are destroyed! To paint it another way, the same life giving sun is always shining, even with low, dark clouds in the way.

While there are many well-meaning members who think themselves to completely understand this club, they don’t realize that they are only one fragmented chapter of the club. This club actually has varied levels of Christian Trinitarians, Arminians and Calvinists to name a few, and of course all are "orthodox." Among the members have been "great men" who come up with "great creeds" which are too great and mysterious for man to understand. How could anyone ever depart from such "straight thinking," except that one is lost, or perhaps becoming lost!? O confused man that I am, who shall save me from such lost-ness?

By now most can see that I am not worthy of such a great club and need to be put away from her lest I should confuse others from such "straight thinking." To this, I wholeheartedly agree. Too much ammunition has already been spent trying to eliminate me, ammunition which could have been used for the gospel guns to save the less lost! My Captain has provided me a helmet and body armor (breastplate), for which I am very grateful. Neither have ever failed me, so it's a pity for time and ammo to be wasted on me. It would be best if I could be unsubscribed and the club continue on with its more important routine.

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Dawn McLaughlin83 said...

I like this! I will second the last line of the piece completely!!