Good News

Though we as the people of God may suffer humiliation, disdain, tribulation and alienation; though we may have no power in this world, except that which is given (from God) through earthly rulers (or as God gives supernaturally); though we have no king and no share in the present kingdom of this world, we will not ultimately be disappointed. This is the message of the prophets.We as the people of God will share in the administration of God's kingdom. We will have a king who has all the authority given by God; whose kingdom is God sanctioned, carries God's blessing and who's dominion will never come to an end or be revoked. This is good news.
“The apocalyptic visions of Daniel offer a witness distinct from the classic prophets of the Old Testament. This theological tension remains regardless of whether or not the book is assigned a position in the canon among the Prophets or the Writings. Daniel’s radical stance calls into question all human endeavors of bringing in the kingdom or of humanizing the structures of society. Rather, this biblical witness challenges the faithful to be awake and ready for the unexpected intervention of God in wrapping up all of human history. The stories of Daniel and his friends picture men who bear eloquent testimony in both word and deed to an unswerving hope in God’s rule. As a consequence, they were made free to hang loosely on the world because they knew their hope rested elsewhere.” Brevard S. Childs, Introduction to the O.T. as Scripture, 622.

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