Evil and the Justice of God

I am almost finished with Tom Wright’s book Evil and the Justice of God. I may write a short review thereafter. This piece of writing has had me wishing to make note of so many places that it has just not been feasible (perhaps I shall read it again). Here is a bit that I just read and thought was (like numerous places) excellent. One of the specific traits I appreciate so much about Wright's "writ", is his dedication to being frank in regards to the Kingdom of God. He does deal much with this (largely) untouched subject. He treats it from a cultural and with a realistic perspective (not spiritualizing it beyond recognition). It is refreshing, although obviously (like with most writers) I do not see eye to eye on every point or perspective.

 “I have argued…in various places and have shown that the promise of God’s new world and of bodily resurrection is precisely a reaffirmation of the goodness of this present world, not a summons to leave it out of consideration, and that where resurrection is truly affirmed it leads not to a lack of concern with the present world but rather to a determination that the life of the future world should begin to infect the present one as much and as far as possible…this vision of God’s ultimate future should lead us to redouble our efforts to discover the meaning of forgiveness, and the defeat of evil which it involves, here in the present as well.” – N.T. Wright, Evil and the Justice of God, pp 144-145

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