Hell and Mr. Fudge

I had the privilege to screen this movie. The masterful cinematography keeps the story very visually interesting. The story line weaves back and forth in time—from a light documentary look to a real life movie feel. Each of these transitions flow naturally, opening layers of understanding into the lives of the characters. The value of this film (at least in part) is in its ability to make people aware of other opinions on a given subject than just their own. It has great potential for inaugurating questions not just in relation to hell, but of many doctrines and traditions that have shackled the community of God for far too long. 
It also very explicitly exhibits the traditional approach of church leadership and all those who are the “faithful's” use of bullying, threatening and scare tactics in the lives of all who oppose the “popular” or “orthodox” theological standards. For me it had great personal meaning as I could identify with Edward Fudge on multiple levels and empathize in a way that those who have not been labeled a heretic among their peers cannot. 
This film may clash with the beliefs you have always known or been taught, but perhaps it might be an eye opener. It might even scare the "hell" out of you. Either way, this is a must see (if you dare). The truth of the matter is this, “people are partial to the truth they’ve already got”.  
Hell and Mr. Fudge Trailer from Jim Wood on Vimeo.

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Edward Fudge said...

I am delighted that you saw this movie, apparently in Akron, Ohio. Please tell me how you learned of it, and a little about yourself. Thanks for the kind words, which I have shared with the movie's producers and which brought joy to their hearts also! Please respond to me at Edward@edwardfudge.com and visit my website at www.edwardfudge.com