Do Atheists Have A Point?

The religious world seems to think that Atheists have no good reasoning behind doubting the promoted plethora of “gods”.
When atheists look at all the religions, and how “god” is used to make a buck; how “god” and religious laws are utilized to control the masses, they have a good point when they accuse such of being a giant masquerade or a ruse. When atheists look at some of the doctrines, creeds and dogmas proposed by the religious elite which are laughable and have about as much foundation in the “bible” as the three little pigs, atheists have a point. When there are mythological beliefs and practices also equaled in Greco-Roman religions, atheists have a point. When atheists see that not many of the people trapped in these organizations really believe this stuff deep down either, and they go along with it anyway for fear of  intimidation or loosing their spot in “heaven”, they have a point. When atheists use this reasoning to justify or rationalize why “god” must not exist, or base an argument on “evil”, or “love”, they have no point. Just because the “keepers” or “worthless shepherds” of the faith have made a mess and failed miserably, does not mean God has failed. The biggest problem is that those who claim to follow God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength have made some disastrous errors in their assumptions and to what they have been taught as “unequivocal truth”. Stop taking so many things for granted and accepting things as true that you have not searched out for yourself. Christianity needs to stop giving grounds for people to doubt God’s existence. Christians as a whole are doing a horrible job representing to the world what God is like. Which god are you representing?

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