Wisdom Walking

The wise, those who follow the leading of the Spirit, must be progressive in thought. We are always to be learning, growing and allowing our understanding to be altered as truth prevails and abolishes misconceptions in our lives regarding God’s realities. I am different than I was two years ago. I know things to be true today, that I did not perceive before. Does anything less than one hundred percent truth in every area of our life equate, “living in sin”?  If it did, that would include us all, including the Messiah who had to, “grow and learn”. It cannot, because we do not know everything to be true that we will know in the entirety of our life. It can even be something with seemingly no significance, like misunderstanding the time of a dinner invitation. You might believe with all your heart it was at 5:30, only to show up early and find it was at 6. You were in error, but you have not sinned, truth prevailed in the end, and you believed it. We have not taken every road we will ever take, or carried every load we will ever carry. We have not reached a spiritual or intellectual plateau where we are absolutely free from error. It is progressive; we journey and God removes error from us. Now on the other hand, just because something is not “known” does not always mean we are in error. I may learn something that I never had a belief about before, simply because I was unaware of its existence. That however did not change the fact it was still there, and still true, I just did not know it. With that said, then why oh why do people (especially Christians) have such a hard time being around others with different beliefs than their own? It is not because of sin. Is it insecurity? Is it pride? It is intolerance that is practiced, and yet wholeheartedly condemned. We are all on different places in our journeys; must we throw rocks at the backs of those who may be ahead of us, or lay stones along the path to trip up those behind us? What does this do for the edification of one another, or the Kingdom of God?

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