Sola Scriptura or Tradition

So many Christians today claim sola scriptura (scripture alone), and would say they are Biblically based. Most Churches (at least those where my familiarity rests) claim their epistemological authority is the Bible alone for faith and practice. But some of these Churches/individuals have gone so far as to claim it is not just scripture alone, but specific scripture, at least a specific language of scripture.
Now maybe my logic and point of reasoning is completely wrong, I have been wrong before, and am not ashamed to admit it. Everyone is wrong sometime, and it is pride to say otherwise. We are all on a journey and God will continue to dispel error if we are willing.
However, my contention is this; how can one be solely “Biblically based” and say authoritatively that only “one translation” is scripture, without having the scripture say this or substantiate this claim? Where does the Bible support such a thing, in any English translation, or in the Hebrew or Greek (if that has any relevance - said in a satirical chuckle)? It would have to be conceded that in this case the scriptures are not the “sole authority” for such a one’s faith and practice. Such a conclusion would have to be drawn outside of scripture for this foundation on which to support such a thesis. Central pillars of core belief are laid outside established parameters endorsed as their “sole authority”. 

So what authority is being appealed to? Either God endorses one language and translation or He doesn’t. It is as simple as that. How could anyone prove that God favors one translation over another without the “authority of the Bible” to say so? You would have to appeal to another source on the same level or higher than the scriptures. 

I do not despise anyone who holds this position; I have no trouble looking past this issue. I can see them as my brothers and sisters in Messiah (as I do not speak of any individual or group). The point of the matter is this, as my friend Tevye (whom I grow fond of quoting) loves to say, “tradition”!
What is so ironic is when people take this stance of “translational authority”, they are really undermining the real authority the Bible holds. 
The whole point of an English translation in the first place was to take the Bible out of the Latin Vulgate, and put it into the hands of the laymen. It had been strictly in the hands of the clergy for many hundreds of years. The point was to keep the Bible out of the hands of the common man.
The point of the scriptures is the message it contains. This is always accomplished best in the language the common man understands and speaks, which to us is not a three, four or five hundred year old language. I have no ax to grind with any translation (normal translations), but I do fear the same thing may be happening again in a different guise and held up by those who chant, sola scriptura, sola scriptura …TRADITION!

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