Sabbaths, Jubilees, Sevens and One Hundred Twenty

I was reading Sanhedrin 96b and Masechet Sota 9. There are places in Scripture that mention very similar tones to which the Rabbis speak. There are some interesting opinions stated here, and I show them as an example of thought, not necessarily as authoritative (if that makes sense). They speak of Jubilees and Sabbaths:
“the seven year cycle which the son of David will come”

“the world will exist for six thousand years and be destroyed for one thousand”

“just as at the advent of the Sabbatical year the world will lie fallow for one out of seven years. So it is with the world. A thousand years will the world like fallow out of seven thousand years”

“the world will last for no fewer than eighty-five jubilees [of fifty years each], and the son of David will come in the last one”

“and the Holy One, blessed be he, will renew his world only after seven thousand years”.
The Torah instructs us as to the seventh day Sabbath, the seventh year Sabbath, and the Jubilee. God has oriented much into “sevens”. If indeed His plan for His creation is structured around “sevens” (Matthew 1) as it appears to be, that brings us today to the cusp of a “seventh day” Sabbath rest for His creation. In Genesis 6,
And the LORD said: 'My spirit shall not abide in man for ever, for that he also is flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.”
This passage has many interpretations depending on who you ask or read. Is there possibly more to it? I found a possibility. For instance, if you divide 6000 years into Jubilees (as even the book of Jubilees is divided this way), and if in fact we are close (over or under this 6000 year mark) then we arrive at 120 Jubilees. I have never heard anyone talk about this, or mention it. Honestly I am not sure what to think, but it is fascinating. God has oriented everything around His “appointed times” and even sent Israel into captivity for 70 years because of their failure to operate in this manner (Leviticus 26:27-35, 2 Chronicles 36:18-22, Ezekiel 4:4-6, Jeremiah 25:11-13, 29:10-11, Daniel 9:2, Zechariah 1:12) Should we expect the present and future to be outside of His established parameters?

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Tor Lang said...

Its important to understand the correct jubileecycle.

The 6000 years or 120 jubilees will end year 2028.