Third Reich

In a strange twisted way, Hitler was part (no matter how small) of a giant replication of God’s divine plan, which will be headed by the true King. God’s plan entails His anointed one returning and setting up the Davidic Kingdom which will rule all others (Daniel 2). The “sons of God” (those resurrected, participants in salvation, having been made righteous) will rule with the “son of man” (Daniel 7). The “Third Reich” was an imitation and counterfeit to accomplish what only the God of Israel through His messiah will do. Here is what Hitler (viewed as the messianic figure of this kingdom of men) said, “Humanity accomplishes a step up every 700 years and the ultimate aim is the coming of the sons of God. All created forces will be concentrated in a new species. It will be infinitely superior to modern man”. What he said is not untrue, even the prophets declare this message, but it will not be accomplished by genetic engineering or man’s fiat. It will not be done under a corrupt system of a disintegrated code of ethics and moral standards. It will not fail to follow every stoke and yod of the Torah. Hitler’s have come and gone, and there will no doubt be more ahead. Despite this, God’s plan is not in jeopardy, and is not shaken by how the “heathen rage”. Now is the time to choose. Who are you serving? Which kingdom do you represent? Whose inscription and name is marked in your forehead, the Name of the Holy One of Israel, or the present “beastly system”? The kingdom that has your allegiance is the kingdom which holds your time and affection. That is the kingdom to which you are bound.  

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