The Righteous Judge and Worthless Shepherds

What makes so many of our “shepherds” today feel as though they have the right to condemn anyone else to hell? Right or wrong theology and from whose perspective? There is one who has been given exclusive right to “judge the living and the dead” (Acts 10:42) and he will do this on the day God has set (Acts 17:30-31). It matters not the official office they hold, their popularity on national radio or the scholastic achievements they wield; none but he whom God has “anointed” has inherited the right to judge in such matters. These others have no pity nor compassion, but only a self congratulation for their "grasp" on the keys of truth. Their perception of judgment is based on certain doctrinal and theological bias. Any persons destination would be dependent on which "shepherd" was given the judgment seat. What Christian would be comfortable if Jesus (the righteous judge) judges them according to the standards of his day (the Torah and 1st century Judaism)? Our judgment is all based on our perceptions and our interpretations.  So while certain “authorities” may believe they have good theological grounds on which to condemn, they had better save it until the righteous judge renders just judgment on God’s behalf. There is but One Shepherd. All others who try and usurp the office are after the Ezekiel 34 pattern. Christianity wonders why it is finding itself in shambles and many are “leaving the faith”. The sheep are being trampled; they are being led by “hirelings” (John 10:11-16). Anyone who questions is “divisive” and “heretical”? I think not. I will gladly stand and give account for the actions I have taken. I have followed the true shepherd, and that does not rise and fall with theology and doctrine. Obedience to the Shepherd may look like disobedience to the “hirelings”. 

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