"And all that glitters is..."

On this blog I have not written about movies in the past (other than a line or two) and do not intend to make it a hobbit (sorry, lol). There are interesting quotes in some movies if one is paying attention. Writers and directors sneak in subtle elements that are quickly passed over the ear and eye bent on mindless entertainment. The pause and rewind button has become my close ally when viewing a film. There are too many to cite, and no doubt some would draw conspiracy accusations for me. At this present time, I need no additional accusations, so I will offer just one as an example: the 2003, 106 million dollar grossing blockbuster motion picture; The Italian Job
Interesting that this movie is based on the theft of Gold. But what is even stranger is in the story there is a Ukrainian character named Yevhen. He makes two appearances, in which both he is stating facts about the value and economic “refuge” of Gold. He also speaks about the government and their “would-be” failures in a situation such as an economic collapse. He speaks of entities that control and manipulate the government.

“All those poor bastards out there putting their life savings in banks and S&Ls and mutual funds. What do they think - that when the collapse comes they can depend on the government? I don't think so. Governments are nothing more than puppets on the strings of the Trilateral Commission with their twisted gods. I mean, it's so obvious that in a world where NAFTA can overturn the Court, not to mention Microsoft's nefarious financial machinations, this, is our only refuge; gold.”

Notice that the writer did not have Yevhen say “if a collapse”, but “when the collapse”. Yevhen was supposed to be portrayed as though he really believed in this. There is another quote in this movie closer to the beginning that is worth noting in light of Yevhen’s words. After stealing 35 million in gold bars, the oldest member of the team says to the rest (who are much younger than himself): “take some advice from an old man, don’t spend it; invest it…in gold”.

The intentions of the writers in these lines I don’t know. Were they making sport of the “conspiracy minded” gold traders or were they merely just stating the inevitable as foreseen by economists for decades? It does beg the question. What would happen if such a scenario were to happen? What would you do? Would you be in the same predicament as everyone else? If there were warning signs would you have heard them, heeded them? And if there were warnings where would they be heard? On the main-stream news? I think not. Who is the real power (current power) in this world which we live? Do you really think whoever it is cares for you? 

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to scare. As a follower of Messiah my trust will never be on what my hands can provide or sustain. Unfortunately though, too many times (especially in the Christian culture) we use the "do not worry about tomorrow" as a crutch for not being a watchful, prudent and shrewd stewards. We have become as dependant on the government and all else as everyone else. We have been created with a brain (at least most us) and have been told to watch. Can God still rain bread from heaven? Yes, He will still reign bread from heaven. Might He raise up a Joseph to preserve His people? No Doubt. Joseph was given warning, and heeded it. It was God's provision to save Israel through Pharaoh, through Joseph. Through Joseph's plan and preparation, he made an elaborate "heist" of the entire land of Eqypt. It all belonged to Pharaoh (except that of the priests). Just something to think about.

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