Thanksgiving Poem

I wrote this poem when I was 16...(it has been a few years)

It was thanksgiving day and all through the house
Not a soul was stirring not even a mouse
Another thanksgiving had almost gone by
And I had not thanked my creator on high.
To myself I thought, “what about all the others
Who did not have families, fathers or mothers?”
So that started off my great thinking spree
Of the home of the brave and the land of the free.
We have it so easy and always want more,
But aren’t we forgetting those who went way before
Those soldiers who fought, with much sacrifice
That we may live freely with much to suffice?
And not only them, let’s think back some more
To the pilgrims who opened another great door.
They opened a door of freedom to give-
To worship the one who eternally will live.
And traveling in to the past we will go
Where a baby did sleep in a manger so low.
I thought of His mother so pure and so sweet
And all of those shepherds bowed down at his feet.
A picture so lovely brought a tear to my eye.
I could not contain it and started to cry.
How could Yeshua sent from heaven above
Give of his life for sinners to love?
More than all I am thankful for one precious thing.
It is Jesus, my Savior, my Lord and my King.
The soldiers, the pilgrims, those all have their place,
But nothing compares to God’s infinite grace.
So now as I close, the day almost at end,
I give thanks to my Messiah, my Lord and my Friend.