Social Reform Passivity

There is so much confusion relating to religion, culture, politics and many other areas today. Any social engineer who desires to bring about social reform knows that altering the historical record and/or telling only the part of the story that fits his purpose is a must. This is vital. This has happened time and time again throughout history. What makes us believe that we of the 21st century have not fallen prey to this same scheme? If anything, we are being more deceived than any other civilization in history on just about every front. So many times there have been strands of truth to break free from the shackles of injustice, but then to be soon hijacked and melted back in the cauldron of American Christian pride and ignorance. Much has been lost, because we are programmed to believe we "know" the truth, which automatically keeps most of us at bay. We have been far too educationally eradicated and too lazy to open our minds and get to the proverbial "bottom" of what is available to the student with fortitude and determination. We are trained that those with the right initials at the end of their names are the "individuals of trust". Which means that those who made them individuals of recognition (i.e. the educational institutions) are to be trusted because that is where the money is right? That’s right isn't it, money has always equaled truth? When has mainline ideology ever been "the truth"? I really believe that we are being trained to lose our ability of critical thinking, and it has been at the hand of masters invited into our lives by ourselves. Our mediocrity in every area of our lives is our very own undoing.